Superclasher Revolution.

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Superclasher Revolution.

Post by Death Rebel on Thu Oct 09, 2014 3:13 am

The world of superclasher has been at peace for a long while. Coza was getting bored of this and wanted to increase his popularity so he had an idea: Destroy superclasher! Obviously it was just a prank since he was going to revive it later.

-Coza: "Swoi Oi superclasher." He launched a solar fart and blowed up the whole chat leaving everyone floating in space. Suddenly and for no reason the chat regenerated and punched Coza in the face.

-Superclasher: "You piece of shit, now I will do whatever I want." a lot of lasers came from the chat and impacted everyone giving them mods powers, except Coza, he lost all his power.

-Coza: "Man, you are such a drama queen." Suddenly a carpet appeared infront of Coza.

-Carpet: "The only way to regain your powers is beating the 3 uber mods, the ones who got more power from the chat."

-Coza: "Up for S4? No? Ok..." He got on Skype and talked with Conker.

-Conker: "Hello?"

-Coza: "Swoi Oi. Up for S4 or Elsword? Nevermind, I need to ask you if you know who are the 3 uber mods."

-Conker: "Yes I do, will you play my games?"

-Coza: "Yeah m8, I'm already at stage 8." He had to lie so Conker would answer.

-Conker: "Get ready because I might try a 3D version."

-Coza: "What?? You don't know what are you saying kid. 2D is way above 3D, you should ask me about that because I have a lot of ideas.

-Conker: "Enough, you are just obsessed with 2D and I don't have time for this. See ya." So Conker blocked Coza pissing him off. 5 mins later Conker recieved a mail from someone called 'Datsexyginer69'

-Conker: "What is this? Subject: 'Congratularions you won €10000000' Jezuus! I'm rich!" He opened the mail and his antivirus detected a trojan.

-Antivirus: "Danger! Virus: 'Solar Fart Virus" has infected your PC. Everything is about to be fucked up in 3... 2... 1... 0.... BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!! The explosion destroyed Conker's house and whole USA

-Coza's PC: Virus sent! Please clean up the manure that used to be USA.
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