Surviving in Hellion Applications. (WIP for now)

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Surviving in Hellion Applications. (WIP for now)

Post by Death Rebel on Wed Mar 11, 2015 8:42 am

The Story is set in a post-apocalyptic world, the 4 main races were at war for a long time until 4 representatives of each race convinced everyone to live in peace, since then they were considered heroes. One day a foreign race called "Xonavians" decided to attack the world since because of the previous war, they were all vulnerable. Due to this new war, not many survivors are left. Since the Xonavians's strength is above any other race, they assault their houses, kill people for fun, etc. There are some groups who fight against them to protect the innocent, steal food from the Xonavians and whatever it takes to survive.

Background Job*:

Stats: 35 points total. Stat Growth Rate: 20 (Min. 1 Max. 7)
Physical Strength:  Growth Rate:
Physical Defense:  Growth Rate:
Magic Strength:  Growth Rate:
Magic Defense:  Growth Rate:
Speed:  Growth Rate:
Accuracy:  Growth Rate:
Stamina:  Growth Rate:

Skills (Max. 4):
Name: Element*: Speed(from -2 to +2)*: Power(Max: 100): Effect*:

-Those with "*" aren't obligatory, if speed has nothing then leave it at 0.
-If Speed is +1, Skill power can't go beyond 80, if +2 it can't go beyond 60, if -1 power can go up to 120, if -2 it can go up to 140.


Name: Frank Johnson
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Race: Krobolian
Class: Paladin
Background Job*: Technician
Appearance: Quite average height, Blue hair and Green eyes, red coat, white shirt, black leather jeans and a black eyepatch.

Stats: 35 points total. Stat Growth Rate: 20 (Min. 1 Max. 7)
Physical Strength: 7 Growth Rate: 5
Physical Defense: 7  Growth Rate: 2
Magic Strength: 0  Growth Rate: 1
Magic Defense: 2   Growth Rate: 1
Speed: 7 Growth Rate: 5
Accuracy: 3 Growth Rate: 3
Stamina: 9  Growth Rate: 3

Skills (Max. 4):
Name: Fire Bomb. Element*: Fire. Speed(from -2 to +2)*: 0 Power(Max: 100): 40. Effect*: 30% chance to inflict Burn.
Name: Skull Smash. Element*: None. Speed(from -2 to +2)*: -2 Power(Max: 100): 140. Effect*: None
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