Races and Classes

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Races and Classes

Post by Whynde on Thu Mar 03, 2016 11:34 pm

So yeah, I'm back with a new forum RP thing. I'll be posting the character template soon so yeah.


Humans: If you don't know what a human is please go look in a mirror xD. Exclusive access to Hidden Potential perk when in critical state.

Elves: They appear similar to humans only with pointed ears and, typically, more slender body types, will NOT use TECH items and gear aside from elven technology which blends tech with magic. 3 types. Dark:darker skin, +5 PER in dark areas and at night; High: lighter skin, +5 to all magic related stats during the day; Wood: +2 PER at all times, auto attuned to NATURE element magic if mage, auto access to Piercing Shot if rogue.

Dwarves: They appear similar to humans only shorter and males are rarely seen without a beard, natural +5 to M.RES, unable to use magic. Dwarves start with the Rage perk as all non-rogue classes

Robots: Genderless and basically the definition of technology Robots are unable to use magic of any kind but cannot be blinded unless their photoreceptors are interfered with.

Demons/Angels: Demons and Angels appear similar to Humans with the exceptions of the wings sprouting from their backs (leathery bat-like wings for demons and feathery bird-like wings for angels). Beings of pure magic Demons and Angels are unable to use  technology due to a lack of comprehension. Demons cannot use Light element magic, Angels cannot use Dark element magic. Demons are unable to be cursed, Angels have 1 auto-revive.

Aliens: This is more or less the no limits race. You can do basically what you want with aliens only thing is they have 0 race perks or buffs.

ALL classes EXCEPT Mage and Robot have a tech and magic variant. Also, all classes will advance and have at least one branching path later on down the road but I'll post a separate topic for that.(note that these will change once I feel like actually typing out descriptions for them)

Warrior: Basically what it sounds like, it's your basic "hit it hard" class.
Rogue: Oh look, a ninja!
Archer: Do I even need to point out what this is?
Mage: Comes in 3 colors and many elements
Robot: Exclusive to the robot race this class is essentially a tank.

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