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Character Template

Post by Whynde on Thu Mar 03, 2016 11:50 pm

Okay, this is the format in which I want characters posted, also don't put the character name in the topic unless you're only submitting one, I'd prefer if you just put what I know you as for the topic. Example, Coza's would be: "Coza RP characters for Whynde". Or something along those lines.

Gender: Robots either leave blank or just put robot
Stats MUST NOT exceed 40 stat points, note you do not add in your race stats with this
PERC: Perception: how well your character can see
STRG: Strength: how much you can carry and how much damage you deal in melee combat
SPED: Speed: how fast you can move
LUCK: Luck: how lucky you are
AGIL: Agility: how well you can move (jumping, also is mainly for rogues and archers as well as their advances)
ENDR: Endurance: how well you can shake off status effects
MAGI: Magic: how well you can use magic (mainly for magic users)
MRES: Magic Resistance: how well you can shrug off magical attacks
INTL: Intellect: how smart you are (mainly for tech users)
DEFN: Defense: how well you can take damage


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